Our Services

Our team fill all needs of ship owners, charterers

and traders in professional matter

We help you find the type of carrier that best suits your cargo, enabling you to move it across channels, seas and oceans

Merit Maritime assists charterers & ship-owner in putting their vessels to use

Ship Brokerage

Through its top-class brokers, broad coverage and geographical spread, Merit Maritime acts as an intermediary between contracting parties.

Aspiring to close a deal within the maritime freight sector? Our brokers will make it happen.

  • We bring together those who have a cargo to ship and those with a carrier suitable to transport it.
  • We bridge the gap between buyers and sellers of new or secondhand ships, carriers and vessels.

Merit Maritime is well-established within the chartering markets whether spot or time-based. We take on contracts of affreightment and cover a wide variety of sizes and cargo

Cargo Brokerage

Merit Maritime facilitates shipments for individuals or corporations and guarantees a fluent delivery of commodities, goods and products from organizations and industrial manufacturers to producers, distributors, customers and markets.

We’re the Gulf’s most reliable link between charterers, ship-owners and those with goods that need transport. Through a seasoned team with connections to a diversity of carriers and an encompassing knowledge of global trade routes, we contribute to optimizing the logistics of dry and bulk cargo shipping.

From ores to grains and from Handysize to Capesize, we ensure reduced shipping time and costs, in addition to closely following the entire procedure from origin to destination, thus adding value to any seller or procurer

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