A Shipping Agency & Brokerage Services Provider since 2003

Merit Maritime DMCEST was among the very first international shipbrokers to lay anchor at Dubai, UAE.

Since 2003 and to this day, Merit Maritime has been solidifying its foothold as a cornerstone of Emirati maritime operations.

Aided by its broad market coverage, seasoned ship brokers and worldwide connections, Merit Maritime helps clients with their international seaborne shipping needs.

What We Do ?

From ores & commodities to food stocks, agriculture and more, Merit Maritime operates in both spot and long-term chartering for a wide array of dry and bulk cargo.

Our brokers will have your ships crisscrossing the oceans in no time, and guarantee that your cargo will get there intact, on time

How Can Ship Brokers Aid You?

Through experience, resources and connections, Ship brokers facilitate and accelerate cargo movement across seas worldwide. Not only they provide a diversity of vessels that can transport a wide range of goods, they also safeguard the owner’s interest by negotiating the optimal terms, revenue, and the most favorable fixture. Furthermore, brokers represent parties when securing a deal such as buying or selling vessels

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